Tuesday, April 27, 2010

German fence

This was actually a gate at the Rhododendron Park in Bremen. I think I like the gate very much, but LOVE the girl and the cute little doggie more!
This house was so lovely. With its gravel walk, and surrounding blooming Dogwood trees- I was captivated.
But the fence?
It was so unique and still... classic. The brick posts were perfect and the dark stain on the fencing made all the Spring green growth...POP! I am going to figure out a way to incorporate this into our garden, stay tuned.

Monet's Garden, the saboteur was there too!

Certainly this is an iconic image.
Monet's garden was as I imagined, absolutely beautiful.
Dreamy really.
We took many photos of the green bridge.
It was so beautiful and peaceful.
I actually thought the saboteur could control himself and he did...
But not for long.

Traveling with a saboteur...

I guess this is his "normal."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Volcanos, contractors, and chairs- oh my!

So, yeah. Volcanos. They can cause problems, especially Icelandic ones.
My son and I were in Europe, volcano erupted as we traveled to Germany and extended our trip about 6 days. Luckily we were with my sister and treated like royalty.

Still, it is good to be home and, almost, back to a routine. I came back to a designer showhouse boutique that, lucky for me, my very amazing friend Susan was able to staff until I came home.
And now, We will choose our contractor/builder for our kitchen addition!
YES! Then the real blogging begins!

And, isn't this chair-Chloe, from Bungalow 5 divine?
I am picturing ten of these babies around my long kitchen table I plan on having... if there is any $$$ left after the construction that is!