Saturday, January 30, 2010

New York Gift Show exhibitor profile- Chandler4corners

 Chandler 4 Corners are a favorite of mine. Their pillows, rugs, and runners belong in and complete any country home, lake house, beach house, or ski chalet. I especially love their pillows as the quality and the designs make them big sellers for me. The company is out of Vermont, so the shipping isn't bad and their service is excellent.
I plan on selling the new horse pillows at many horse shows this Spring.

As for the pillows, they are hand hooked, 100% New Zealand wool. Zippered velveteen backing with poly-fill pillow insert. Designed by Laura Megroz. Every season there are new designs added to the collection and others retired.

If you are not going to the show and are not a retailer, head over to their site as they have a great sale going on. Beautiful pillows at half the normal price! These two above are my favorites of the clearance items.

let me know what you think!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

windows/ transoms

* this image is from Brooke Giannetti's blog/home. I had seen this image, loved it and posted it as an illustration of the beauty of transoms. I just recently discovered her blog and style and have now made the connection and realize that I loved her style even before I realized it was her!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My kingdom for a throne or...

…or a shower bench!

I gotta have one. More and more my balancing act, while I shave my legs, is becoming precarious. What a luxury it would be to leisurely sit and shave.

Of course it would be nice if we had one built in. But because the kitchen is the next project on the docket.

That isn’t happening.

Some of these teak numbers are looking better and better.

I don't know if this particular bench is big enough for my behind though...

Monday, January 25, 2010

New York Gift show exhibitor profile- Jayes Creations
I love sharing and Jayes is one of my best finds for home accessories and gifts, especially hostess gifts. The price point is just right and the quality of all the items is perfect for my customers- whom expect a lot. All of these are hand painted metal.

My best sellers are:
 The wine buckets,

The silverware caddies,

 and the wine coasters

The designs fit any d├ęcor.

I predict a few of their new designs to be big hits this season-

The Dog toys bucket

The Flip Flop bucket.

I also must mention the mini lamp shades. They are off the hook! ( and often featured in the Ballard designs catalog)

What do you think?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time for an update...

First off, let’s start with the things I like about my front entryway, porch and walk.
( That is me being positive.)
I love my black door, although it does need a coat of paint and a new brass kick plate. I like the door surround, very classic. I love boxwood hedges, ours need to be VERY minimized. I really like our wide steps and walk.

Here is what needs to be changed:

Get rid of the posts and replace with fat round columns.

 Replace rotting ceiling of porch with beadboard.

New windows would be nice.

Add sconces to each side of door but keep recessed lighting.  it looks great at night!)

Get rid of curved ceiling above door. ( I just noticed that! Why would anyone have done that?)

Get rid of house number and put new one on lamp post nest driveway.

New porch floor and steps. Steps would be cool if they had colored brick fronts.

Redo landscape. Use boxwood in a different more modern, less 1960’s way.

What do you think that will run me?
I say 20 grand. I wish we were handy L

Friday, January 22, 2010

important elements- to ME.

Can you guess the elements I am coveting for my own kitchen project?
Yes it's true- I do plan on a White/black color scheme.
What I will take from these pics and why I will add them to my file?
a. The almost industrial style lighting.
b. The amazing ceilings.
I NEED paneling or coffers in my new kitchen. Just not sure which yet.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Foot stool, ottoman, whatever!
All I know is that I love them and find them to be the most practical of pieces.
Right up there with benches.
In fact I prefer an ottoman or a footstool as a coffee table or side table any day of the week.
Right now I will admit to a bit of an animal fetish. I really feel as though leopard is a true neutral...
or that it should be!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Verizon FiOS =Food Network & HGTV

"Verizon FiOS is a bundled communications (Internet, telephone, and TV) service, operating over a fiber-optic communications network, that is presently offered in some areas of the United States by Verizon" according to wikipedia. And thanks to the recent installation...
My babies are back!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stone fireplace Monday

The big plan is to have a stone fireplace included in our kitchen/family room addition.
Every Monday I will post images and try to narrow down exactly what type we want/need.

Sunday, January 10, 2010, Am I the last one to find this?
Seriously, Am I the last person to know about this awesome site?
It's a serious time suck and obsession with me now.
I can't get enough.

The site is the perfect place to find images of all your dream home, design elements. It is constantly updated and easily navigated.
And when you find images that reflect the elements you want in your home?
It is more than easy to save the images into a personal folder on the site.
Now instead of carrying around a file folder of tear sheets when visiting architects, designers or contractors... just send them to your folder on
If you are behind the times like me and have no idea what this site is all about click on the

Friday, January 8, 2010

let's just wing it!

Once again you can see how I am torn.

This traditional wing chair is right up my alley, especially with the rather casual ticking style upholstery.

At the same time this chair rocks my world.
And this?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cottage/ Cabin = Ying/Yang

I do feel a bit schizophrenic.
 I have two blogs.
 I have two extremely different profile pics for each blog.
Even on this blog, to me, I have a bit of schizophrenia.






Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I was almost four when this photo was taken. We were  on vacation at a family friend’s place on the Puget Sound in Washington.
This photo has elements that still resonate with me.
Vacation with family
Home by the water
Tennis shoes
It’s amazing to me that the same things that made me happy at four years-old...
still make me happy.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Scout solves a problem!

I love Scout bags and all Bungalow products for that matter. I mostly sell their totes and bags, but still appreciate all their storage products. The new Spring line sheets just came out and I am pretty excited.
Click on image to see larger.

Finally, a great storage solution for the tons of magazines I have strewn about. My kitchen construction will include a small home office and I think  the hanging file bin and the the magazine stowaway in the chocolate will be needed.

Jacob Javits Gift Show

January 30th to February 3rd- I will be at the NY Gift Show. I have been many times and have found awesome products each year that I sell either on my web site or on the road.
It can be rather overwhelming unless I go with a plan.

In the past the Winter show was where I concentrated on Horse/dog gift items that I could sell at Spring horse shows. I will still do that this year, but I will go an extra day and focus on Pier 94 where all the home accessory/gifts are. I've never gone "all the way over" to the Pier before. I am excited to see what I can find that will fit my "aesthetic."

My "aesthetic?"
Pretty much the same criteria for my other web site/blog.
Traditional, preppy, sporty, resilient home furnishings perfect for any weekend getaway. I'm looking for easy maintenance, long-lasting, sturdy "stuff."

Being the mother of five,  I learned long ago to spend a few extra bucks to get quality furnishings that stand up to kids, dogs and cats. Leather, wool, good paint, solid doors,  strong woods such as oak, or furniture that only looks better as it is naturally distressed by my family!
  So, with that in mind I go...
Below are some manufacturers I look forward to meeting.


Bliss Studio
Bobo Intriguing Objects
Bungalow 5
Chelsea Textiles
Company C
Design Legacy by Kelly Oneal
Dot Chehoma
Dransfi eld + Ross
Go Home
Jaime Young
Jan Barboglio
Julian Chichester
Luna Bella
Natural Curiosities
Notre Monde
Park Hill
Roberta Schilling Collection
Shine Home
Vellum New York


Blissliving Home

Christian Moss
Designers Guild
Harvey & Strait
Home Treasures
John Robshaw Textiles & Home
Legacy/ Ryan Studio
Little Giraffe
Pinecone Hill
Rani Arabella
SDH Enterprises
Sin in Linen
Traditions by Pam Kline

<b>key</b> retailers

key retailers

ABC Home
Adrien Linford
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Fred Segal
Garnet Hill
Gracious Home
HD Buttercup
Lillian August
Mitchell + Gold
Neiman Marcus
Rockwell Group
Schweitzer Linens

Pendleton is perfect for any alpine setting