Friday, May 28, 2010

Construction update...

Time to choose the appliances:

refridgerator drawers:
GE monogram

GE monogram
a Leibherr
and the pieces de resistance?
60 inch Wolf gas range with french burner

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

extra closet re-assigned

Show house idea I will use...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Saddle River, NJ Designer Show House

Can't say I wasn't inspired the three weeks I was a vendor at the Show House. The designers were awesome and I could relate to much of the rooms, thinking... 
that might work... at my house!

Loved the library. The light was incredible and the designer took advantage of that. The wood paneling glowed and the creamy, beige palate with blues subtly woven in made this room one of my favs.

 This chair needs to be in MY future library.
 This wall in the breakfast room was another favorite. A modern take on silhouettes pops on the textured, denim blue wall.
 Although the stove and tiling is nothing special, it is EXACTLY what I want in my future ( very near future) kitchen.
And this wall in the dining room works for me. The mirrored breakfront is classic.
The house this year was not what you would call a "wow" house. In fact many design house devotees/groupies were disappointed. However most "normal" people were charmed and inspired as the house reflected changes in economy. Things are more conservative these days.
Even at designer show houses!

Monday, May 10, 2010

For real

Yes, this is actually a modern house in the German countryside- with a thatched roof!
We were in farm country and shortly after this photo was taken a horse drawn carriage drove by...
I wish I could have gone inside to check out the kitchen :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

German fence

This was actually a gate at the Rhododendron Park in Bremen. I think I like the gate very much, but LOVE the girl and the cute little doggie more!
This house was so lovely. With its gravel walk, and surrounding blooming Dogwood trees- I was captivated.
But the fence?
It was so unique and still... classic. The brick posts were perfect and the dark stain on the fencing made all the Spring green growth...POP! I am going to figure out a way to incorporate this into our garden, stay tuned.

Monet's Garden, the saboteur was there too!

Certainly this is an iconic image.
Monet's garden was as I imagined, absolutely beautiful.
Dreamy really.
We took many photos of the green bridge.
It was so beautiful and peaceful.
I actually thought the saboteur could control himself and he did...
But not for long.

Traveling with a saboteur...

I guess this is his "normal."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Volcanos, contractors, and chairs- oh my!

So, yeah. Volcanos. They can cause problems, especially Icelandic ones.
My son and I were in Europe, volcano erupted as we traveled to Germany and extended our trip about 6 days. Luckily we were with my sister and treated like royalty.

Still, it is good to be home and, almost, back to a routine. I came back to a designer showhouse boutique that, lucky for me, my very amazing friend Susan was able to staff until I came home.
And now, We will choose our contractor/builder for our kitchen addition!
YES! Then the real blogging begins!

And, isn't this chair-Chloe, from Bungalow 5 divine?
I am picturing ten of these babies around my long kitchen table I plan on having... if there is any $$$ left after the construction that is!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


What a good natured girl.
Her sport is lacrosse and sophomore year is a big year if you want to play in college... she does.
And now she is in the 3rd week of mono.
She doesn't complain, whine or moan.
She stoically goes to practice every day even in the rain and cold, though she can't play.
it could be a few weeks before she can step foot on the field.

I really admire her spirit and attitude.
And  those qualities will take her further than any sport ever could.

In my dream home office?

This would shine!

And wouldn't this console be an awesome desk?