Monday, January 4, 2010

Jacob Javits Gift Show

January 30th to February 3rd- I will be at the NY Gift Show. I have been many times and have found awesome products each year that I sell either on my web site or on the road.
It can be rather overwhelming unless I go with a plan.

In the past the Winter show was where I concentrated on Horse/dog gift items that I could sell at Spring horse shows. I will still do that this year, but I will go an extra day and focus on Pier 94 where all the home accessory/gifts are. I've never gone "all the way over" to the Pier before. I am excited to see what I can find that will fit my "aesthetic."

My "aesthetic?"
Pretty much the same criteria for my other web site/blog.
Traditional, preppy, sporty, resilient home furnishings perfect for any weekend getaway. I'm looking for easy maintenance, long-lasting, sturdy "stuff."

Being the mother of five,  I learned long ago to spend a few extra bucks to get quality furnishings that stand up to kids, dogs and cats. Leather, wool, good paint, solid doors,  strong woods such as oak, or furniture that only looks better as it is naturally distressed by my family!
  So, with that in mind I go...
Below are some manufacturers I look forward to meeting.


Bliss Studio
Bobo Intriguing Objects
Bungalow 5
Chelsea Textiles
Company C
Design Legacy by Kelly Oneal
Dot Chehoma
Dransfi eld + Ross
Go Home
Jaime Young
Jan Barboglio
Julian Chichester
Luna Bella
Natural Curiosities
Notre Monde
Park Hill
Roberta Schilling Collection
Shine Home
Vellum New York


Blissliving Home

Christian Moss
Designers Guild
Harvey & Strait
Home Treasures
John Robshaw Textiles & Home
Legacy/ Ryan Studio
Little Giraffe
Pinecone Hill
Rani Arabella
SDH Enterprises
Sin in Linen
Traditions by Pam Kline

<b>key</b> retailers

key retailers

ABC Home
Adrien Linford
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Fred Segal
Garnet Hill
Gracious Home
HD Buttercup
Lillian August
Mitchell + Gold
Neiman Marcus
Rockwell Group
Schweitzer Linens


  1. I bet my bottom dollar you are going to have a great time shopping!!

  2. Talk about timing. We were talking last night about replacing our 20 year old (SOLID HEAVY OAK) kitchen table. I should say my husband was talking about it....I have no desire to replace it :)

  3. Sounds like fun shopping. I love the whole Camp & Cottage style from Mary Emmerling, the pendleton blankets evoke the same feeling.

  4. GREAT idea, you'll be terrific at it too...

  5. Joyce- I will enjoy myself and also wish that I could accompany you on many of your treasure hunts!

    OHn=- I know! I love that I can still see my 25 year-old's second grade math etched into my dining room table :)

    Cricket! I am a BIG fan of hers too.

    Susan- Thank you, I appreciate that :)