Sunday, January 3, 2010

How this started...

Many of you know me from my other blog preppyplayer. If so you know that I have a wholesale/retail web site called,
I also go out on the road as a vendor selling preppy/sporty- jewelry, accessories, and gifts.

Little by little I have begun to sell home furnishings.
 More and more I have been drawn to and inspired by design blogs.

Because I am happiest with my family when we are in a vacation setting I find myself trying to recreate that environment in our everyday life.
An inexpensive way to do that is with home accessories, it can be a candle, a pillow, or a print.

I want to share what I find on this blog and keep a record of my findings for that day in the future when I may be lucky enough to own a mountain retreat, a cottage by the sea, or a ski in-ski out condo!
I'll be ready.

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  1. Like minds, P2! I also started another blog to document exactly the same (tear sheets and wish list) and my love of decorating cookies but I haven't posted anything yet. You can see from my blog list (one of the few that remained when I changed the background) that I listed the design blogs I have recently found and love. I'll have to take a peek at yours too. Good luck! :)