Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time for an update...

First off, let’s start with the things I like about my front entryway, porch and walk.
( That is me being positive.)
I love my black door, although it does need a coat of paint and a new brass kick plate. I like the door surround, very classic. I love boxwood hedges, ours need to be VERY minimized. I really like our wide steps and walk.

Here is what needs to be changed:

Get rid of the posts and replace with fat round columns.

 Replace rotting ceiling of porch with beadboard.

New windows would be nice.

Add sconces to each side of door but keep recessed lighting.  it looks great at night!)

Get rid of curved ceiling above door. ( I just noticed that! Why would anyone have done that?)

Get rid of house number and put new one on lamp post nest driveway.

New porch floor and steps. Steps would be cool if they had colored brick fronts.

Redo landscape. Use boxwood in a different more modern, less 1960’s way.

What do you think that will run me?
I say 20 grand. I wish we were handy L

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