Sunday, January 10, 2010, Am I the last one to find this?
Seriously, Am I the last person to know about this awesome site?
It's a serious time suck and obsession with me now.
I can't get enough.

The site is the perfect place to find images of all your dream home, design elements. It is constantly updated and easily navigated.
And when you find images that reflect the elements you want in your home?
It is more than easy to save the images into a personal folder on the site.
Now instead of carrying around a file folder of tear sheets when visiting architects, designers or contractors... just send them to your folder on
If you are behind the times like me and have no idea what this site is all about click on the


  1. I may never forgive you for leading me to this site.

    Now I want to gut my house and redo everything.

  2. lol...i guess you are...that is if you've found it after me! there are a lot of great new sites many more than 4 years ago when i started surfing the web for ideas for our renovation...have fun!