Sunday, March 14, 2010

Botanicals- too many choices

I collect these cottage style botanicals from the 1930's and 1940's by TL Prevost. They were easy to come by and inexpensive. I don't think I ever paid more than $20. They usually came in plain, maple frames without any matting.
 Now I have a hard time finding them, which makes the hunt more fun.
Still, although they are more difficult to find the most I ever see them sold for is $50.

I like that the print is always of bouquets, showing a variety of flowers.
This is one area of my living room where I mixed the prints and frames and although you can not see the entire wall, there are many more there.
In our den, I have a few botanical palm prints.

Forgive the pic of me in front of the palm print.

So lately I've been thinking that I would like some more botanicals, but of trees.
I like the palm prints, but I think I want trees that are morindigenous to where we live, 
the Northeast.
This fir could work, love the color of the berries.
Having grown up on Oak street and now having a yard with about 20 oak trees this would be perfect.
I love this variation on a botanical. pen and ink
And this seems more like an illustration. So pretty.
Now I just have to think about frames and matting.

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