Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am not hedging

As much as I love hedges, I am enthralled with garden statuary.
I’m not talking Disney characters, those little gnomes, or lions at an entrance.

I love statues that have integrated into the garden, that seem a part of it.

I especially love those that become entangled in the ivy or covered with moss.

This woman would not be found in my garden, but I appreciate it just the same!

And this face coming from the ground is a bit creepy, but I am enchanted by the creativity!

And of course there is statuary on…
A. Whole. Other. Level.


  1. I'm with you not a big fan of the gnomes but I love the ones that disappear in ground cover.

  2. Do my little bunny or my little hedgehog tucked under a bush (peaking out) count? They are small but cute.