Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New York Gift Show - Home trends

It was obvious that the sustainable living/eco trend is being expressed by many furniture and home accessory lines. Words like  rustic, re-claimed, industrial, and vintage were bandied about on almost every line sheet I came across.

And you know what?
It looked good.
And of course it did. 
Professional and very talented stylists from many of the furniture/lifestyle companies at the show put together amazing vignettes evoking everything from a French farm house to a Soho loft.

I'm not so sure that your average person would have the same results. Somehow I can't really see a center hall colonial or a split level rocking this design aesthete. 
However, I do see it working in a ski house, beach house, or urban setting. Anyplace where there is tons of windows or tremendous light.
Let me show you why I say that.

First let's look at Bobo Intriguing Objects

Their line rocks a lot of painter cloth, reclaimed wood, zinc. I'm sure their line of chairs and sofas comes in the mill worked linen with the understanding that many will upholster- but that wasn't the look that was styled at the show or in their catalog. The grain sack, burlap, painter cloth look was seen elsewhere as well.

Let's go to Zentique.

Ok, once again, obviously you can cover that couch, but it was styled at the show with cool pillows in all it's muslin glory. All I could think of was,  just one spill of your morning coffee...
As for the table, how industrial do we really want to be?
As for the first lamp, this type rustic I can live with.
The other?
It looked great on the showroom floor...
But my husband would KILL me if I brought that home.

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