Saturday, February 27, 2010

our favorite room

I'm not sure that my photography does my favorite room in our home justice.
Perhaps my words will.
Our favorite room is cozy and small, the smallest room in our house.

The carpet is wool and patterned. it hides a multitude of sins and if anything is spilled?
It is easily wiped up, even red wine.

The paint is a glaze. Fingerprints and marks easily wiped and cleaned.

The sofas are leather. The older they get, the better they look.
Once again, easily wiped off and cleaned.
The bureau is a Biedermeier copy, a tiny bit distressed so as not to be too "precious." I am not so upset should someone forget a coaster while setting down a drink.

Are you picking up on the main reason why this is my favorite room?
Low maintenance. It is one room that I feel looks elegant but can handle lots of use, children and animals.

Another huge reason why this room is the heart of our home is the fireplace, surround and bookcases.
We spent a lot of time designing all the woodwork. We wanted the design to be classic and the finish to be warm.
I think we accomplished that.

Although we have many other gathering rooms in our house, our family of seven usually ends up cuddled on those sofas enjoying good conversations or a favorite TV show.

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